Cyber Law Asia is inspired by the goals of trying to propagate and promote the need for far more vibrant Cyber laws in Asia.

The need for distinct and evolved legal regime pertaining to Cyber law in Asia is all the more necessary, given the fact that the shift in the growth of Internet is tilting towards Asia.

It is common knowledge that Internet was invented in the United States of America and was subsequently developed there. However, with more and more countries joining the Internet bandwagon, the focus of Internet as a United States centric phenomenon has decreased. Instead with more and more users of developing Countries like China and India logging on to the Internet, we are now seeing a distinct shift of the power on the Internet from the US towards Asia. There is no denying the fact that India and China put together will constitute the major e-commerce markets and economies in the coming times. That is the reason why companies across the world of focusing on these two Important nations of the Asian continent.

Coupled with other Asian Nations, Asia is likely to far outstrip Americas as also Europe in terms of being, the biggest e-commerce markets of the World. In order to ensure that the success story of Asia continues unabated and without any outside intervention, it is absolutely essential that all countries in Asia must have in place appropriate strong legal regimes regulating activities in cyberspace as also the use of computers, computer systems and computer networks as also communication devices.